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We are based in Newton Abbot, Devon but are happy to travel to surrounding areas for home PT sessions.

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"Kelly from The Body Box is literally the best! She helped me loads last year and I lost just over 4 stone. It's not always easy to find the time and money for things like this but if you have a goal she will get you there!"

J Grindling

"Awesome circuit class, if you want to challenge yourself then this is the one"

M Benney

"I really enjoyed Bootcamp and learnt a ton of new exercises! I highly recommend"

S Turner

"Fantastic circuit class; friendly and informative. Always working on a different muscle group and always hitting the cardio!"

J Rolls

I am 4 weeks into my 12 week challenge with The Body Box. I have tried all the fad diets that don't work!...I am amazed how much and how often you have to eat with the plan I was put on, all easy to prepare and with an added treat meal each week! I meet with Kelly every week for a PT session, she's great and really pushes you to do your very best and she is always on the end of the phone with any food or exercise questions you may have!

If you're looking to get fit and trim up...this is the way forward"

S Mcmanus

"Since working with The Body Box my strength has increased significantly. I had reached plateaus in my lifts but in just one month my front squat has increased by 20KG! TBB has taught me how to improve my lifting technique which is so important for lifting heavier weights! Thank you!"

M Drummond

"Circuit classes are always tough but so much fun. She's always ready to give advice and push you harder. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these classes."

G Jennings

"I have been going to The Body Box' classes for a while now and have just started Bootcamp. It is hard work but at the end I feel SO good. Kelly really encourages you throughout the class! It was really good fun and I definitely feel better for going! I'm spreading the word"

L Ranson

"I'm currently four sessions into my training plan with Kelly and it's the best thing I've ever done! I'm getting stronger and stronger each week, so much variation in all of our sessions and with a full work out plan and nutrition plan. I'm getting my butt kicked every week but it's so motivating. Best thing I've ever done!”

A Bond

"Personal training sessions with Kelly are amazing. She pushes me to achieve my goals and motivates me so much. Full food plan and exercise routine was included and Kelly is always on hand to answer any questions or give you a kick up the butt when you need it. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to get stronger and fitter!”

M Hornsby

"Where do I start?

The 90 day challenge that I paid for with Kelly consisting of a tailor made nutrition diet plane (didn't feel like I was on a diet once!!), 1 pt session per week (for the money I don't actually know how she does it) and constant guidance and support. Weather it was in my pt session, just when I was in the gym generally or any questions I would have through txt message. She ALWAYS replies quickly and with sound advice.

I had been training before years ago, so knew a lot of the techniques needed to train strictly and properly but, Kelly tweaked the movements and made me make slight changes to movements that made SO much difference to my strength and physical gains.

Kelly is up for a laugh and is a joy to have sessions with. But when it comes down to training and keeping to your plan, she is always on top form. Never afraid to push you to your limits and enjoys it when you take it all seriously.

I really can't recommend Kelly enough. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. And I wish you all the best in what is guaranteed I be a successful career."

M Stafford

"Kelly is amazing!! If you need motivation to get fit & have a healthy diet then she will sort you out!! 12 weeks ago I was so unfit with an awful diet, I was having dizzy spells any time I exercised to the point where I would lose my vision & hearing, which put me off exercising all together. I had 12 weeks until my holiday & wanted to get fit & do something about my body! Kelly set me up on her 12 week challenge which included a personalised diet plan knowing how fussy I am with my food & 12 different training plans which she tweaked along the way to make it more difficult as I got fitter each month. There were many times where I wanted extra treat meals and to give up but she motivated me not to do it & kept me going. I'm now at the end of my 12 weeks & I'm the fittest I've ever been. I couldn't be happier with the progress I've made in such a short space of time. I can't thank her enough for it!! I would recommend her to anyone!"

K Drummond

"Couldn't recommend Kelly enough.  Just completed a 12 week challenge and have had great results which wouldn't of been possible without her constant knowledge, advice and support.  Great value for money and realistic plans to fit in around and suit my lifestyle.  Balanced meal plans ensured I was never hungry and even got to eat whatever I wanted once a week."

L Boxall

"Thank you sooo much Kelly! I will miss you every morning! - you kicked my ass and made me laugh everyday!

After suffering from a broken arm, and losing muscle tissue I needed to gain muscle and rebuild strength, Kelly not only helped me gain back muscle and strength in my arm, also my entire body.

I would wake up daily in agony still unable to move my arm, and  generally fatigued, since starting my PT with Kelly, six weeks ago I am amazed to see what a difference in my physical appearance, (which wasn't my main goal) my physical strength, I feel stronger than ever, how much energy I have!

Kelly pushed me more than I could have ever pushed myself, and motivated me, supported me when I was ready to quit (halfway through each of the early seasons) somehow she managed to get 100%more out of me when I thought I had nothing left to give, and I walked away from each session soo proud of what I achieved. I am going away so have to end my training, but when I return will be booking again, and aim to keep going with everything she has taught me and hopefully impress her with further results when I am back! well worth the money and very affordable, also she made me an amazing plan for what I can continue to do in the future and logged my workouts with what I had done already. Next month I will post my before and after, to show results (after my surgical scar has healed better).

Thank you soo much for everything, I couldn't walk into a gym before I was soo embarrassed  to ever work out in front of others and hadn't been in a gym for years , I have my confidence back! Kelly always ensured i was safe and we stayed within my capabilities, she knew what my limits were even when I didn't, if I can do this anyone can :)" -

J Tobin

"Just finished my 12 week challange with kelly and already jumping straight in to another one really helpful and always there if you have any questions answering changes are more than what i expected really happy would recommend 10 times over"

A Bird

"Just finished my 12 week challenge and I am chuffed to bits with my results! Kelly is a brilliant pt, knows what you can and can't handle, always does what's best for you, makes you feel comfortable, I can't wait to continue my progress with another challenge!"

D Bradford

"Kelly is amazing, she will always push you to achieve your goals. Before I met her I was uncomfortable about the way I looked and since having her as a personal trainer my confidence has shot right up and she is one of the friendliest people I have met. Always checking to see if you're ok and how the week is going to plan. My 90 day challenge is nearly over and what I have achieved so far is unreal. Definitely doing another one just to push myself that bit more. Will highly recommend her"

E Bird

"The things I wanted to achieve were becoming less and less likely, long office hours, stress, poor diet, lack of exercise and numerous failed attempts to recover some fitness on my own had brought me to a low point. I had a choice, give up on my aspirations or get help. I was introduced to Kelly by the team at Steve's gym in Newton Abbot. Before we met I was asked to complete a detailed questionnaire from which a diet and exercise plan were developed. The plan would last for 90 days with weekly one to one coaching and monthly fitness assessments to monitor my progress. The plan was adjusted as my strength and fitness developed. I haven't found it easy but Kelly's enthusiasm and encouragement have got me through those evenings when the last thing I've wanted to do is train. She has adjusted my exercise plan to keep training fresh and to take account of injuries from my past. I've been surprised by the progress Kelly has helped me to make, she is totally professional and dedicated to her clients and I would recommend her to anyone of any age looking to reshape their lives".

R Thorns