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We are based in Newton Abbot, Devon but are happy to travel to surrounding areas for home PT sessions.

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Our main goal is to bring you individualised attention and a bespoke experience developed to upgrade your fitness, nutrition, and overall health—all at a price you can afford.




Results aren't accidental. They happen because of a process. The Body Box helps you achieve such results through science-based, sustainable and personalised programming. Here’s why our approach works:


As a Body Box client, you have 24/7 access to your personal coach and responses are guaranteed within a 24-hour time period. Your time is important and we value delivering what you need, when you need it, so that you can go forward with fewer questions about the best way to live a healthier, fitter life.

Our comprehensive approach combines support, guidance, accountability, and trust-worthy plans. If you're here, you're already motivated to change. Now you need someone to guide you through the process and be there when you need it most. Feeling like a binge? Not feeling like working out? Get in touch with your coach. Assistance isn't a bad thing; in fact, it's what often separates those who succeed from those who remain stuck in the never-ending cycle of wanting to change but being unable to get over the fitness hump.


The hardest thing about getting in shape: finding a plan that matches your needs, goals, lifestyle and even the time you have to exercise. Whether you work out from home or in a gym, love all foods or have food sensitivities, we work directly with you to build a plan that is distinctively yours. And if something isn't working, we make the necessary adjustments so you don't become frustrated and fall off the wagon.


No more fad diets, no more ineffective workouts. Good nutrition and effective training isn't rocket science, but it's still a science. Our adaptability and knowledge cuts through all of the unpredictability to deliver consistent results. No day is the same, but the results always are.

You shouldn't worry if your program will work for your body or if you can make it fit into your schedule. You share with us your goals, the time and commitment you have available and then we devise the workouts and nutritional programming that will help you reach your goals.