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We are based in Newton Abbot, Devon but are happy to travel to surrounding areas for home PT sessions.

Please get in touch with your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



At The Body Box, we recognise that everybody is different; understanding this is the reason why we get such good results.


Our depth of technical and scientific knowledge is evident in our style and approach; we do not judge or critique but work with each person to find a solution that is unique to them.


At The Body Box, you can benefit from one-to-one personal training, partner or small group training or online coaching. All of which are complemented by outstanding support from your personal coach. You can choose to purchase sessions, packages or pay monthly (no membership fee) so you can tailor your programming to suit you.


Training at The Body Box integrates a wide range of methods to keep both body and mind challenged, which is key to achieving your goals and maintaining motivation.  Designed to be progressive and challenging, your Body Box plan will take you through all facets of fitness development, making sure that you achieve your goals whilst becoming leaner, stronger, more flexible, more stable and agile.


Our mission is to propagate the message, as widely as possible, that the key to health and fitness is not about will power and deprivation but about a commitment to your own self, by eating, training and living in a sustainable and balanced way.


Our results speak for themselves. We are not about the latest fads and trends but tried and tested methods founded on the latest research where our clients always remain at the heart.


We guarantee our commitment, alongside your own, will deliver results … fast.

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